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Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabrio introduces automated Aircap

Mercedes-Benz has introduced a completely automated version of its Aircap system with the updated version of the E-Class Cabrio.

The technology, which was first launched three years ago, includes a sleek mesh spoiler on top of the windscreen in order to channel air over the cabin when the vehicle is being driven with the roof down.

It works in conjunction with another mesh on the rear headsets to ensure that all four occupants of the vehicle do not get their tresses ruffled when driving at fast speeds.

The drawback was that the screens had to be manoeuvred into place manually with the driver pressing a button. Now the system is entirely automated, coming into action when the speedometer hits 25mph and lowering again when it drops below 10mph.

Meanwhile, the rear meshes rise up when someone fastens their seatbelt in the back.

Drivers do not have to worry about the Aircap continually going up and down in stop-start traffic, as the driver still has to initially activate it before the automated procedures begin.


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