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Mini E - Are electric vehicles the future?

Mini E - The electrical new miniThe Mini E trial for 20 people to be part of their Minimalism project was launched on September 1st. The Mini E is driven by the new Lithium-ion battery technology and is predicted to last between 100-150 miles depending on driving style and conditions. The 20 test users will have to pay for the priveledge and expected monthly fee is £330 and this is subsidised by the government. However BMW will install a charge point at the home of the trialees and users will save on no fuel charges and no congestion charges due to zero emissions.

The Green Mini ETo register for the trial you can log on to www.electricmini.co.uk and register your details however there are conditions in place such as access to a charge point and area you live.

Are electric vehicles the future? Im still yet to be convinced.


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