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New 11 Registration

Brand New Registration PlatesThe style and format of car number plates changed back in September 2001. Since the change the first two letters now known as local memory tags show what part of the country the car was first registered in and the two numbers indicate what year the car was first registered known as age identifiers. The last three letters are known as the random element of the new Car Registration.

This month will see the launch of the new car registration and the age identifier will be 11, this will then change to 61 in September. The DVLA will continue with this number sequence until all permutations are used up.
With the local memory tags in mind this year there is an opportunity to create private number plate using the thousands of possible combinations. For example London registrations will start with L, while the West of England will start with a W and so on.
Some motorists have already invested in the 11 series number plates and secured private since becoming available to register back on the 07/12/10. Many combinations sold out within a few moments of the release. Some examples could reflect names like: Will son, Dill ons, or even Dell boy. So don't miss out now on your new registration plate for your next lease car.

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