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Top Cars For 2011

The Paris Motor Show served up plenty of new cars to sink your teeth into in 2011. At most motor shows the attention is usually focused on the latest manufacturers concept cars. But for those of us who want to know about the cars that will be on sale next year, below are 10 cars which should be big hits in 2011.

1 Ford Focus
Brand New Ford FocusThe Ford Focus will be without doubt one of the best sellers in 2011. Ford has updated the focus without making many changes, why fix something thats not broken, but dont think for one minute that Ford has not improved the latest focus. All new Ford Focus models will feature an improved arae of premium materials for the interior, as Ford want to take on the might of the VW Golf. Ford claim they will improve on performance of the current focus model, which will be quite an achievement considering they will be using the new EcoBoost range of engines which will help cut emissions while still retaining the impressive performance.

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2 Nissan Leaf
Nissan LeafNissan will be the first main manufacturer to get an electric car to market this will surely give Nissan the edge over all other manufacturers when it goes on sale in early 2011. The Nissan Leaf will go on sale for around £24,000 and if buyers take advantage of the Government's promised grants, electric cars with their low running costs should bring it within easy reach for all people. The only drawback maybe how accessible Charging points will be for Leaf drivers and Nissan has still not confirmed how much replacement batteries will cost. But the Nissan Leaf looks as though it will be the most likely to get people to switch from petrol pumps to charging sockets.

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3 Lexus CT200h

Lexus CT200hLexus has been around for a number of years now with reliable saloons and great customer service but it was a surprise to learn that the CT200h is the first hatchback from Lexus. The CT200h has been manufactured to take on the Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series. The CT200h has one main advantage over the 1 Series and A3 and that is that its petrol-electric hybrid combination. The Lexus Ct200h will use most of the technology from its sister firms Toyota Prius to enable it to achieve figures of less than 100g/km of C02 emissions, which entitles it to free car tax. And with the price starting at £22,995 this should appeal to a lot of people.

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4 Land over Evoque
Range Rover EvogueThe Land Rover Range Rover Evoque maybe the firms smallest vehicle yet, but expect big things from the Evoque. The three-door design will without doubt be a huge success with its almost futuristic looks and appealing image will make it hugely popular and desirable. This is one of the first cars to be launched under new owners Tata. The Evoque should give us a clearer indication of whether Tata can sort out some of the reliability issues that have dogged Range Rover in the past. Prices should start from a £30,000 which is quite reasonable so expect to see plenty of Range Rover Evoques next summer.

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5 Mercedes-Benz CLS

Mercedes Benz CLSWithout any doubt Mercedes were ahead of the pack when it launched the CLS back in 2004 and with Audi launching their A7 luxury coupe now it proves how far Mercedes are ahead when it comes to a luxury coupe. The new CLS is due on sale in March 2011, its still a good looking car and should prove to be a hit among the style conscious few.
The Cls comes with a 2.1 litre and 3.0 litre diesel engines, plus a monstrous V8 petrol engine which is borrowed from the CLS500, which produces 402bhp. Early reports say the new Cls is even better to drive than the current model, this is quite remarkable considering Mercedes have managed to make it more economical by cutting CO2 emissions by 25%.

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6 Toyota Verso-S
Toyota Verso-SToyota
has announced its new Honda jazz Rival the Verso S supermini MPV. Toyota claims the new Verso-S will be the shortest of any B-segment MPV in Europe, less than four metres. Toyota has not had a mini MPV since the days of the Yaris Verso and has missed out on sales in that part of the market as the Honda jazz did so well. The new Yaris Verso will boast impressive flexibility and a design which maximises usable space, comfort and perceived quality. It will be offered with a 1.33-litre petrol engine or a 1.4 diesel, either unit can be specced with a manual or automatic gearbox. The Toyota Verso-S is due to go on sale in the UK in early 2011.

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7 Honda Jazz hybrid

7 Honda Jazz HybridThe Honda Jazz might not look the most exciting, but with more and more customers looking for the cheapest mode of transport these days the hybrid version of Honda's Jazz will be right up there next year. The quality solid build and reliability of the Honda Jazz has seen it become a bit since its release. The power comes from the Honda insight which uses a 1.5-litre petrol engine and an electric motor with a CVT gearbox.

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8 Audi A1 1.4 TFSI

Audi A1The Audi A1 came out in November 2010, but if you want the top spec 1.4 TFSI version you will have to wait until early 2011. The 1.4 TFSI is Audi's answer to the Mini Cooper S. The Audi A1 will get the twin-charged 1.4-litre engine featured in the VW Polo GTI and Skoda Fabia vRS, The 1.4 will be tuned to 182bhp for a 0-62mph time of 6.9 seconds.
The Audi A1 1.4 TFSI promises to have a sportier suspension system set upgraded interior than what you would find in the standard A1, plus a top end audio system, restyled bumpers and different alloy wheels.

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9 Vauxhall Astra three-door

Vauxhall AstraThe standard Vauxhall Astra is finding plenty of buyers as a good all-rounder, but the Astra GTC 3 door version featured at the Paris motor show as a concept gave us a huge idea what the finished car would look like. The 3 Door Astra distinctive exterior styling looks sure to tempt buyers and with a price tag of around £13,500 expect to see a lot of them on the UK roads.

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10 Volkswagen Passat
Volkswagen PassatThe styling of the Volkswagen Passat may not appeal to everyone However, the new Passat should appeal to most wallets. Volkswagen claims that an average driver could go for a whole month without having to make a trip to the petrol station as the 1.6-litre diesel BlueMotion with stop start and energy recuperation system will give the Passat a range of 1,000 miles. One new feature that most people will find handy is the automatic boot-opening which requires a wave of your foot below the bumper this will come in handy for situations when your hands maybe full of shopping.

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