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2012 Clio Williams And Renaultsport Clio Raider

Brand New Renault Williams Clio SportIn the early nineties one of the hottest hatch backs around was the Renault Clio Williams which was constantly rated as being one of best hot hatches. Renault has once again teamed up with the Williams F1 to supply engines to the Formula One team and the plans to bring back the hot hatch legend has begun.

The old Renault Clio Williams featured a decent spec when released back in 1992 so expect the new 2012 Renault Clio Williams to be fitted with a good package as standard that will take it up and above all current models within the Clio range. Renault has said they wont just add Gold wheels and blue paint to one of their current models as they really want the new Clio Williams to stand out from the crowd and will fit a spec to match. Renault will have to add serious Horse Power, as the new Renault Clio Gordini 200 produces 200bhp and can achieve 0-62 in a time of 6.9 seconds and hit a top speed of 141 mph.

An insider for Renault said that they did not want to pollute the relationship with Williams and turn it simply into a marketing exercise, he also added that the new Clio Williams will be something suitably uprated from the standard Clio. Williams F1 chairman Adam Parr said, our engine partnership with Renault and our other project with Jaguar to produce a supercar are two very different projects, so this means Williams will be able to offer what they can to Renault in order to build a new Clio Williams. The new Renault Clio is due out at the end of 2012 so the timing couldnt be better for potentially new Clio Williams as this will be a perfect send off for the current Renault sport Clio 200.

Brand New Renault Williams ClioUnder the skin, the Clio Williams will benefit from a significant makeover but lets hope the Clio's signature 2.0 litre naturally aspirated four-cylinder engine stays, but we expect the 197bhp to be boosted to around 240bhp. Renault will have to be careful on how much power the new Williams will receive as they dont want to step on the toes of there more expensive Renault sport Mégane which has 247bhp. The Clio Williams should be uprated in most areas but one of the most important areas that Renault will have to pay extra attention to is the handling of the hot hatch, so the suspension setup will be key for the new Williams so we expect a similar set up to that of the current Renault sport Clio Cup, but expect racing derived Sachs dampers. The Clio Williams will also feature bigger brakes and extra sticky Bridgestone Potenza tyres which can also be found on the new Renault Megane 265 Trophy, which holds the current lap record at the Nurgburgring for a front wheel drive car.

Rather than follow in the steps as the Clio Cup which is basically a stripped back race version, the Renault Clio Williams will feature a lot more tech and will be a lot more plush inside, so expect the new Clio to feature kit such as climate control and satellite navigation to name a few. The Recaro seats will feature the Williams logo and a plaque will be fitted to each Clio Williams stating the order in which they rolled of the production line. Until we get confirmation from Renault about the price tag of the new Limited Edition Renault Clio Williams, we expect it to be in the region of £25,000.

The Clio Williams will be available to lease when released at the end of 2012 so until then if you would like to be kept up to date with other special Renault lease car deals visit Lease-Cars-Direct. All of our Renault vehicles are available on cheap Car leasing deals which come from main dealers only. If you are not familiar with car leasing you can visit our home page where you will find all the information you need about your next lease car.

Renaultsport Clio 200 Raider

Renault will soon release a limited edition Renaultsport Clio 200 Raider hot hatch, which will also get extra equipment compared to the standard Renaultsport Clio, the downside is only 50 models have been produced for the UK.
The Clio Raider will get an extra special matt paint, which comes in either Stealth Grey or Diavolo Red, while the Raider roof, door mirrors, rear spoiler, front splitter, rear diffuser and the 18” alloy wheels will be finished off in gloss black to add contrast to the paint scheme. The exterior look will be finished off by darker tinted rear windows and unique Raider badges.

The Raider will use the same chassis as the Renaultsport Clio, but the Raider will feature a lower ride height with stiffer springs and dampers. The Clio Raiders interior features leather Recaro seats, white display dials, climate controls, Bluetooth, a USB port for iPods, Renaultsport carpet mats and each Raider gets its own plate which identifies the order in which it was built. Customers will have a choice of either Renaults on-board telemetry system or Carminat TomTom Live satellite navigation as a no cost option.

No changes have been made under the bonnet as the Renaultsport Clio 200 Raider uses the same 200bhp 2.0-litre engine as the standard car. The new Renault Raider will be available to order from the end of October 2011 and the price is expected to be in the region of £22,000.

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