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Toyota hydrogen prototype generates buzz

It has been a long time coming, but Toyota will finally reveal key details about its game-changing new hydrogen car at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Set to go into production in 2015, the hydrogen-fuelled vehicle is already been mooted as a revolutionary automobile and has generated a lot of buzz. Already industry experts believe it will do for hydrogen what the Prius did for hybrids.

The Japanese car manufacturer is committed to investing in hydrogen, because it meets the challenges posed by dwindling non-renewable energy sources. Its prototype is designed to be superbly environmentally-friendly without comprising on performance.

This car only emits water vapour – hydrogen is converted into electricity to power the engine – and is so state-of-the-art, that it will have a similar driving range of petrol cars.

Moreover, refuelling time will also be swift, taking all but a few minutes to 'fill up' the tank. This is a tremendous development, one that certainly trumps electrical vehicles, which can take hours to recharge.

Design-wise, this prototype has been modelled on the chassis of Toyota's Lexus, which is bigger than a Corolla and similar in scope to a Prius.

"When Toyota sets its mind to something, there are usually serious results," stated Digital Trend's Peter Braun.

"When it released the Prius in 1997, no one knew what the hell a hybrid was. Now, you can get a hybrid Tahoe, and every third person in Digital Trends’ home town- Portland – drives a Prius. So when Toyota says it plans on selling 10,000+ units per year by 2017, it’s hard not to take that seriously."


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