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Volkswagen Beetle gets connected

Car technology has transformed exponentially in recent years and Volkswagen is seeking to add its own contribution to the ever-changing landscape of interior gadgetry.

For its iconic Beetle, the German car manufacturer has installed Apple's now classic iPhone will form part of the interior of its Cabriolet model. It has achieved this through a specially developed app dubbed "Volkswagen Car Net The Beetle".

In addition to this, it has included a docking station, making the Beetle the first car to have the iPhone an essential component part of the entire vehicle. It is considered to be an exceptional alliance of iconic brands.

There are two obvious ways in which this can be realised. The first is that it can be added retrospectively and the other is simply it comes as a standard with new models.

"Located centrally on the dashboard of the Beetle is the newly designed docking station (cradle), in which the iPhone is integrated by simply snapping it in – similar to a mobile navigation system," Volkswagen stated.

"Once in, essentially, all iPhone functions can be used in the Beetle; the iPhone can be used to navigate, telephone via a hands-free unit, listen to music from the media library via the audio system’s amplifier and loudspeakers, and much more."

It really is state of the art technology. When the app is initiated, the driver can either connect it straight to the app or to the Beetle. It can be docked or undocked. When it is aligned with car's data network, a menu pops up prompting the motorist to chose from a number of options, including Spotify; Expert; Trainer; Reader; Postcard and Photo.

Each offers a personal and digital service, the kind that is increasingly desired by the modern driver. For example, Reader is a good way of keeping up-to-date with the latest from your social networks like Facebook and Twitter. 


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