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Volvo You Coupe Concept

Brand New Volvo YouVolvos answer to the Mercedes Benz CLS is here and its called the You, Volvo hopes this concept vehicle will give them a slice of the much contended four door coupe market. The new Volvo You concept provides a glimpse into the brands future, as the front of the concept Volvo You will be the new family face.

The Volvo You roofline stretches back to the rear tail lights, at the front narrow lights and a small front grille make up the new rest of the new design look. Hinged doors that open to reveal a pillarless entry for both the front and rear passengers which are similar to those found on a Rolls Royce Phantom which helps aid access. Volvo has used the finest materials for the interior and also some of the best technology available.

Volvo will fit such technology as a head-up display which will display any vital driving information and touchscreens for the front and rear passengers. The main drivers display will stay in sleep mode until the driver moves there head to look at it, an infra-red camera detects the drivers movements and switches to live mode. Hand movements will also trigger the Infotainment system which powers a unique FreshAir subwoofer speaker, which uses outside air to amplify the sound.

Feedback from the Concept You will help Volvo designers decide on the next shape Volvo S80. Vice President of design Peter Horbury, said the fastback profile tends to be in favored by European buyers.

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