Travel cup test - 1st Lifeventure Thermal Mug

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  • We test eight travel cups
  • Temperature test results
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Best for staying hot

Best price: £9.99 (
Capacity: 330ml
Diameter of base: 67mm

For: Best performer for keeping drinks hot; watertight; compact
Against: No easy-drink mechanism – you have to remove the lid completely to take a sip



Easily the best cup we tested for keeping our drink warm – after a couple of hours the temperature was still a piping-hot 72C. The Lifeventure cup was also completely watertight, so it can be carried around in a bag.

Ease of operation:

The biggest drawback of the Lifeventure is that you need to remove the lid completely to take a swig.


A tenner isn’t bad considering that pricier cups didn’t perform anywhere near as well in our temperature test.


Has a classy metal case and the Lifeventure’s screw lid also forms a tight seal, which didn’t leak in our tests. It’s compact, too.

Special features:

Available in nine colours.

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