2015 Honda NSX - full spec, details, pictures

The 2015 Honda NSX, Honda's petrol-electric supercar, is on display at the Geneva motor show


2015 is a big year for Honda with the Honda Jazz and Honda HR-V – which won our Reader award at the 2015 What Car? Car of the Year awards – set for release during the year.

The Honda NSX will also be launched alongside these cars and it's on display at the Geneva motor show.

What is it?

The NSX is Honda’s hybrid supercar that will arrive in the UK towards the end of 2015. 

It’s the second generation of the NSX; its iconic predecessor was launched 25 years ago.

What engines can I choose from?

The NSX will come with a mid-mounted twin-turbocharged V6 engine and three electric motors.

One of the electric motors is between the engine and gearbox and supports the acceleration, braking and transmission shifting performance. The other two motors are mounted on the NSX’s front axle with each motor driving an individual wheel.

The petrol-electric hybrid powertrain drives all four wheels and is connected to an all-new nine-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox.

The NSX will have four switchable chassis modes: Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track.

Official figures are yet to be announced by Honda, but the NSX is expected to produce around 550bhp.

How much equipment does it come with?

Interior features and trim levels are yet to be announced.

How much will it cost?

Order books will open in the summer for the US and first deliveries are expected towards the end of this year, but a right-hand drive UK version won’t be on sale until the end of 2015.

Honda has previously told us that they were aiming for the NSX to compete with the Ferrari 458 Italia in terms of performance, but lie in a similar price bracket to the Audi R8.

That would mean that the NSX is likely to be somewhere around the R8’s price range of £93,735 - £126,835.

Can I get a discount?

There’s no news on this yet, but our Target Price for the R8 is a couple of thousand pounds cheaper than list price across the range, so a similar discount may be available on the NSX.

Anything else I should know?

Honda has said that different bodystyles, namely a convertible version, and higher power output versions of the NSX can be expected, but there has been no official announcement.

How good are its rivals?

The NSX’s natural petrol-electric supercar rival is the fantastic BMW i8 that has a combined power output of 357bhp, so if the NSX matches its predicted 550bhp and is in a similar price range then it will pose a real threat to the i8.


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