2016 Jaguar F-Pace SUV - latest pictures and specs

Jaguar's first ever SUV model will be called F-Pace when it goes on sale in 2016


Jaguar’s first ever SUV will be badged F-Pace when it arrives this time next year, and will be unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show in September.

Jaguar confirmed the new SUV would be badged F-Pace earlier this year. The model, which is the production version of 2013's C-X17 SUV concept, will go on sale in the UK in 2016.

A prototype version of the car has been used to support Team Sky during this year's Tour de France, and new pictures have shown the SUV testing.

What is it?
The new car, nearly identical in size and looks to the C-X17 concept revealed at the Frankfurt motor show in 2013, is expected to become one of Jaguar’s two best-selling models, performing strongly in major markets like China and the US and rivalling the volume of the forthcoming XE compact saloon.

The launch of the F-Pace marks the first time the 80-year-old manufacturer has entered the SUV market. F-Pace’s styling was created in-house by design boss Ian Callum and his team at the beginning of 2013. It is a relatively long car for its compact billing, nearly 40cm longer than a Range Rover Evoque and about the same height.

What engines can I choose from?
Jaguar isn’t yet saying what engines the car will use, but the range seems certain to start with models powered by the soon-to-land Ingenium four-cylinder line-up, and to include engines up to the 3.0-litre supercharged petrol V6 used in the F-type, with up to 250bhp available in some models.

How much equipment does it come with?
The C-X17 concept was very well equipped inside, and it's likely that Jaguar will fit the F-Pace with enough luxury kit to justify its high-end price tag.

How much will it cost?
Though official pricing has yet to be revealed, it's understood that entry-level F-Pace models will have a starting price of around £35,000, with top-end models costing around £50,000.

Can I get a discount?
That's a question to ask your dealer when the F-Pace becomes available in 2016 - but demand for a new Jaguar is likely to mean they are slight, at least initially.

How good are its rivals?
The F-Pace is aiming to take on the likes of the Porsche Macan and BMW X4, both very accomplished high-end SUVs in their own right. The Macan has a four-star rating on What Car? and offers plenty of performance for its price tag, while the four-star BMW X4 comes with a truly premium cabin.

Anything else I need to know?
The F-Pace is expected to keep much of the styling of the original C-X17 concept car, which measured 4.7 metres long and 1.65 metres high.

The F-Pace will become an important model for Jaguar, and is a a direct result of the company’s plan to spend more than £3.5 billion a year on product development over the next few years.

Alongside the new XE, the F-Pace will be crucial in taking Jaguar's sales volumes beyond 200,000 units per year. It will be built at Jaguar's Solihull factory.


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