Breathalyser review - 3rd – AlcoSense Elite

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  • Do personal breathalysers work?
  • We test eight devices scientifically
  • Units from £20-£300 tested
3rd – AlcoSense Elite
Best Price: £53.98 (
Sensor: Semi-conducting oxide
For: Good performance at a reasonable price
Against: A bit fiddly, but no major issues

Accuracy: The AlcoSense Elite performed well in our tests, giving accurate results throughout.

Value for Money: The Elite pips the AlcoHAWK Slim 2, by costing a few pounds less.

Ease of Use: The Elite has plenty of functions, but some of the symbols on the screen are small and hard to see. It’s simple enough to perform a breath test, though; the unit counts down to zero while it prepares the sensor, with the results displayed immediately afterwards. Warning symbols are shown if you are near, at, or over the drink-drive limit. The instruction manual is both comprehensive and easy to follow.

Owning: Annual checks are required, and these cost between £12.99 for calibration and £24.99 for calibration and a full service.

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