Driving glasses reviewed - 5th Oakley Ducati Inmate

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Oakley Ducati Inmate
RRP £140.00
Best of the web £104.00 (www.shadestation.co.uk)
Prescription version Not available



The only lenses we tested that aren't polarised. That's a shame, because for driving it's a very useful feature to have. The Ducatis are outperformed by the Serengetis largely because of this, but they are comfortable to wear – although they do weigh heavy on the bridge of the nose after a while.


We spotted a £26 saving at online retailer shadestation.co.uk. That makes the Oakleys considerably cheaper than the Serengetis. Surprisingly, you only get a fabric pouch to store them in – we reckon a hard case isn't too much to ask when you're spending over £100.

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Super-solid metal frames and sturdy hinges make the Oakleys feel like they'll last a lifetime. The lenses are made from plastic, which is inferior to the glass in the Serengetis, but then the Inmates are cheaper to buy.

Special features

Plutonite lenses filter out 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC, plus harmful blue light. The Ducatis can't be bought with polarised lenses, unfortunately, but other versions of the Inmates can (expect to pay a premium of around £20).

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