Travel cup test - 5th Sainsbury’s TU Travel Mug

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  • We test eight travel cups
  • Temperature test results
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Best price: £3.00 (Sainsbury’s)
Capacity: 400ml
Diameter of base: 65mm

For: Cheap as chips; simple design
Against: Not watertight


The cup did an average job of keeping the drink hot – the temperature inside was 49C after a couple of hours. The TU isn’t designed to be watertight, but it doesn’t drip anywhere near as quickly as some other cups when knocked over.

Ease of operation:

Its simple design is easy to pick up and drink from – simply twist the centre of the lid to open the drinking hole and take a sip. The rubberised grip around the centre of the cup makes this easier.


It’s hard to argue with the £3 pricetag – but the cup is only available in store – not online.


Felt surprisingly classy given the budget price. The brushed metal casing should resist scratching well.

Special features:

Not a lot here – but it is just three pounds.

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