Breathalyser review - 6th – AlcoHAWK Micro

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  • Do personal breathalysers work?
  • We test eight devices scientifically
  • Units from £20-£300 tested
6th – AlcoHAWK Micro
Best Price: £19.99 (
Sensor: Semi-conductive oxide
For: Tiny; decent accuracy; price
Against: A little confusing to use

The Micro did a reasonable job given its budget price. However, it started to struggle a little during the tougher tests.

Value for Money:
Cheap to buy – and looks it.

Ease of Use:
The Micro is true to its name; it’s incredibly small – no bigger than a key fob. The on-screen instructions are limited to a flashing red LED, which is not particularly intuitive and it can be confusing as to what the device is doing. However, results are displayed immediately and clearly after a test, and it’s easy to set up.

Calibration is needed every 12 months, which costs £12.95 for full service and calibration if paid at the time of purchase. Normal price is £22. The Micro comes with a protective leather pouch.

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