Travel cup test - 7th Halfords Insulated Mug

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  • We test eight travel cups
  • Temperature test results
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Best price: £4.99 (
Capacity: 400ml
Diameter of base: 61mm

For: Ergonomic handle
Against: Mediocre performance; not watertight


Mediocre performance and cheaper cups retained heat for longer. After two hours the temperature inside the Halfords cup had nosedived to 46C.

Ease of operation:

Twist the centre of the lid to open the drinking hole and take a sip. We liked the size and shape of the plastic moulded handle, too.


Available from Halfords only, so there’s no chance of sniffing out a better price. If you don’t want to spend more than a fiver, we’d go for the Draper Warming Mug instead.


Had a plastic outer case similar to that of the more expensive Thermos Travel Mug. Seemed fairly solid, apart from the brittle-feeling handle.

Special features:

None. Available in blue.

Travel cup test - 8th Thermos Travel Mug


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