Travel cup test - 8th Thermos Travel Mug

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  • We test eight travel cups
  • Temperature test results
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Best price: £4.99 (
Capacity: 400ml
Diameter of base: 66mm

For: Solidly made; looks good
Against: Expensive considering its average performance


Nothing special – after two hours the temperature had plunged to 48C, which was lower than the much cheaper Thermos Thermocafe 2060. Not watertight, either.

Ease of operation:

Like the cheaper Thermocafe 2060, you simply slide back a flap on the lid to take a swig. However, the lid and flap felt more solid than on the cheaper model.


Very expensive given the average performance.


Has a plastic – rather than brushed metal – outer case, but generally the Thermos felt durable, although the handle felt a bit flimsy.

Special features:

Available in red or blue.

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