Our cars: Lexus CT200h - April 2012

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Lexus CT200h SE-L Premier

Week ending April 27
Mileage 9212
Driven this week: 168 miles

Lexus CT200h review

Unfortunately I can't trust the CT's fuel gauge. When the needle drops to the bottom and the range shows 0 miles, you'd expect to be able to get plenty of fuel in the tank. Not so. The Lexus has a 45-litre tank, but the most I've been able to get in has been 36 litres.

This leaves a maximum range of just 320 miles or so, which is a pain when you're a high-mileage driver. Of course, I could always play chicken with the fuel gauge and drive for a few miles with the range on 0, but I really don't fancy running out of fuel.
Still, I won't be doing many miles for a bit because I've just had a knee operation. Thankfully, when I do get behind the wheel again, the CT's CVT gearbox will mean my recovering left leg can have a rest.


Week ending April 20
Current mileage 9044
Driven this week: 100 miles

It's been a while since I last drove the Lexus CT200h, so I jumped in it for the commute home earlier this week. My journey really highlights all that's good and bad about the car. In slow traffic around our office the Lexus drives on battery power only and you get that smug feeling that you are one of the few stuck in a jam that's not needlessly burning fuel.

The next stage of the journey is on motorway and the Lexus' comfortable seats are great for this type of road, but there's too much engine- and road noise to be fully relaxed.

The last part of the commute is on twisty country roads and there's little fun to be had thanks to the overly artificial feel of the steering.

Iain Reid

Week ending April 13
Current mileage 8912
Driven this week 828

Former CT200h keeper Iain Reid previously mentioned the repetitive warning beep when the Lexus is in reverse gear. That’s on top of the parking sensor beeps, so I found it annoying, as well as largely unnecessary.

Thankfully, Lexus Edgware Road (020 8358 2200) have altered the car’s set-up, so it now beeps only once when you select reverse gear.

I still don’t think it needs to beep at all – I know when it’s in reverse, because I’ve just moved the gearlever – and with the SE-L Premier’s standard parking sensors and reversing camera, having another audible warning is overkill.


Week ending April 5
Current mileage 8084
Driven this week 805

The Lexus CT200h has had its winter tyres swapped for conventional rubber, and unlike most other What Car? staff members with their cars, I prefer the winters.

Not only have the new tyres (Yokohama AVS dB decibels) made the already firm ride firmer, they also generate more road noise, despite being designed to be grippy yet quiet (hence the name).

Yes, there's more grip, but I'd wish the tyres hadn't affected the car's comfort and refinement so much.


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