Our cars: Hyundai i40 Tourer - April 2012

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Hyundai i40 Tourer
Hyundai i40 Tourer
Hyundai i40 Tourer 1.7 CRDi Blue Drive Style

Week ending April 27
Mileage: 11,800
Driven this week: 500 miles

Another week, another 500 miles, and this time I’ve done it through lots of bad weather. I seem to have been driving through a constantly changing maelstrom of rain, lightning, thunder, hail, and even occasional sunshine. This made me realise just how good the i40 Tourer is in all conditions. It’s so stable that it makes me feel safe and reassured, even in strong crosswinds.

Also, a recent trip to a builder’s merchant demonstrated the i40 Tourer’s load-carrying ability. I managed to fit in four six-foot railway sleepers and four bags of sharp sand with room to spare. It’s this anytime, anywhere ability that makes living with the i40 Tourer so easy. I just hope the sun comes out so I can put my sleepers and sand to good use.


Week ending April 20
Mileage: 11,300
Driven this week: 310 miles

The i40 recently had its 10,000-mile 'health check'. I chose to have the work done at Hyundai London (020 8127 5824) and, I have to say, I was more than pleased with the service I received.

The check itself was a quick once-over to see that everything was working as it should be, with an optional oil and filter change if it were needed. Our i40 did, but it cost just £135 in total – it’ll be interesting to see how cheap the full service will be when the car clocks up 20,000 miles in a few months’ time.

Hyundai London’s collection service was also top-notch: the i40 was picked up mid-morning from our Teddington office, and was returned in time to drive home.


Week ending April 13
Mileage 10,985
Driven this week 81 miles

Thank the Lord for rear-view cameras. Without that I think I would have found parking this “boat” of a Hyundai quite a challenge. Make no mistake: this is a long car. One visit to a local retail park required me to get back in and edge the car forward until it was touching a bollard just so its ample backside wasn’t sticking out into the road.

I think the overall feel of the i40 is quite macho, from the sporty finish inside the cabin to the nosedive bonnet that disappears away from the windscreen. It drives really nicely, although the feather-light steering takes some getting used to.

Getting my kids into their car seats was a bit tricky. The door arches, particularly on the rear doors, are very low. I found myself contorting into some fairly awkward positions around the child seats to get that seat belt “click” which every parent needs to hear before setting off.

Overall, this was an easy car to get used to, despite its length. Within two or three drives I was parallel parking it like a Smart car and walking away very satisfied.

Michele Hall

Week ending April 6
Mileage 10,904
Driven this week 1370 miles

I borrowed Stephen's i40 Tourer for a jaunt up to the Highlands, dropping my wife and children off at the in-laws for a holiday before I headed back down after the weekend. In total, I notched up over 1000 miles and spent 16 hours behind the wheel.

Everyone on board found the seats comfy and there was plenty of room in the boot for our luggage, buggy and travel cot.

If I had one niggle, it was the positioning of the cupholders. It isn't a massive issue, but the obligatory bottle of water to keep me hydrated and alert on a long drivers was never quite in the right position. It was either too close to the gear stick or I had to reach back awkwardly to get it. Still, I averaged over 50mpg on the trip and you have got to be happy with that.

Iain Reid

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