Our cars: Range Rover Evoque - April

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Range Rover Evoque
Range Rover Evoque
Range Rover Evoque 2.2 SD4 Prestige 4WD

Week ending April 26
Mileage 23,005
Driven this week 887 miles

Range Rover Evoque review

Until now, I had only driven our Evoque a couple of times; both on my short daily commute. Those journeys helped the Range Rover show off its commanding driving position and supple ride that dealt admirable with all the manhole covers and speeds bumps that London could throw at it.

This time, I took a longer trip to Dorset for the weekend, which revealed a more negative side. Not for one second did I expect a four-wheel-drive Range Rover, however small, to return a groundbreaking MPG figure, but I was still amazed at the rate at which it got through diesel.

We all know about official figures being slightly optimistic, but our Evoque’s official average economy is 49.6mpg, and the most I could achieve was 29.7mpg over the whole weekend – mostly spent cruising on the motorway. For me, that isn’t enough.

By Rory White

Week ending April 19
Mileage 22,574
Driven this week 456

I covered yet more miles in the Evoque this week as I took it up to an airfield in the Fens in order to do a charity skydive. It proved just the job, eating up the 250-mile round trip and also offering decent overtaking potential on the Norfolk roads, which are typically single carriageway and viewed from behind a lorry.

The gearbox can be pretty lazy to respond when you ask it for everything, and the ‘dynamic’ mode that alters the suspension also seemed pretty unnecessary.

Otherwise, it did just what you’d want, and it even wafted lazily over the very potholed, gravel track that led to the airfield. All very easy and hassle-free. The jump was good, too.


Week ending April 12
Mileage 22,118
Driven this week 702 miles

I spent the week on holiday down on the border of Devon and Cornwall, which meant lots of miles and time in the car. The Evoque was my first choice for the job, because I love its easy-going character, swanky interior and booming sound system.

It didn’t disappoint, delivering precisely the chilled, cosseting experience I was after.

That said, it stuck out dramatically around the rural parts we were staying in. Where I quite like the attention-seeking nature of the Evoque when swanning around London, in an area where most Land Rovers are of a ‘70s vintage or earlier and are almost always towing a farm animal or two, the brash looks made me feel quite self-conscious. Like being the person stood next to a Ferrari Enzo in the background of a scene from Heartbeat.

Still, the locals seemed to like it despite its look-at-me nature. More to the point, it made the miles we covered – be them motorway or lumpy rural back roads – a complete joy.


Week ending April 5
Mileage 21,416
Driven this week 250 miles

I spent this week in an Evoque that was in almost every way identical to our long-term car, except it had just the three doors.

I was tasked with driving a group of friends to a stag weekend in Oxford. Despite being six feet tall, I was one of the shortest of the group so was intrigued to see how much space the back-seat passengers would have.

There were no complaints when we set off, with legroom seemingly fine in both rear seats, but closing the blind over the panoramic sunroof did result in some rather forceful hair ruffling.

The biggest annoyance was having to wait for the front seats to slide forward electronically via a button by the passenger's shoulder. It took far too long, and meant the seat had to be returned to its original position just as slowly.

The Evoque coupe's looks will win it some fans, but it strikes me as being no more than a two-seater most of the time.

By Tom Webster

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