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Honda CR-V
Honda CR-V
Honda CR-V 2.2 i-DTEC auto EX

Week ending April 26
Mileage 14,327
Driven this week 220 miles

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After a long, long winter, last weekend’s better weather reawakened my family’s interest in cycling.

However, despite my best attempts to stop them, my daughters continue to grow, and last year’s bikes now no longer fit them. So, this week we’ve had to buy two new bicycles, which meant fitting them in the boot of whatever car I happened to be driving that day.

Luckily, I had our long-term CR-V for the weekend, which proved a lucky choice, because it carried all four of us to the cycle shop, and then carried the four of us plus new bike back again.

We bought the two bikes separately. We started with younger daughter, who chose a mere 20-inch wheeled machine. With the rear seats up there wasn’t quite enough space to get it in, and, anxious not to have to go to all the hassle of removing one of the bike’s wheels, we resorted to dropping one of the rear seats and sitting the two girls side by side, with the bike lying on its side next to them.

Later on, elder daughter chose a whopping 24-inch wheeled bike, bought from another shop, and the same solution brought that home. What made it all even more easy was the remote opening of the tailgate, by keyfob, and the automatic closing, by button.

Once in, all was plain sailing, as indeed was everything else about this CR-V. It’s easy to drive, very roomy, surprisingly comfortable, and the diesel is impressively smooth – much more so in this car than the same engine was in a Civic we had on recent long-term test. As a driving tool the CR-V might not excite, but as a family holdall it’s got a lot going for it.

By Mark Pearson

Week ending April 19
Mileage 14,117
Driven this week 196 miles

The sun appeared this week on the evening that I was taking our Honda CR-V home.

I have a complete aversion to sitting in traffic. When I noticed a stream of brake lights on the A3 into town I quickly changed my route and decided to head through Richmond Park. This was much more enjoyable and was made even better by the CR-V's huge glass roof.

The cabin is well appointed and comfortable but maybe a little drab. The light from the glass roof made all the difference.

Our car is the top of the range EX model which gets the glass roof as standard. It's not worth upgrading to the top-spec for, because prices start at nearly £30,000, but I was very pleased that our one has it.

By Matthew Burrow

Week ending April 12
Mileage 13,921
Driven this week 180 miles

Leaving the house at 6am to get to work every day means I'm chillier during my commute than many of my colleagues.

This week I picked up on staff snapper Will Williams' previous comments about the CR-V's disappointing heater. Taking ages to warm up is bad enough, but I found that the temperature never seemed to match the readout. In most cars on a cold morning commute I'd be happy at 22 degrees - in the Honda I had to set it at 27 degrees to feel as comfortable.

There's no doubt that our long-term CR-V is generously equipped, but so our top-spec EX model should be, given that it cost more than £33,000 with options. Certain features such as the smooth electric tailgate are fantastic, but at this price you'd expect something as basic as the heater to be far better.

By Ed Callow

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