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  • Jaguar XJ tested
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  • Tested by Pete Tullin
Jaguar XJ 3.0D V6 Portfolio
Run by Pete Tullin, What Car? road test editor
Mileage 7560

Jaguar XJs are for old boys right? Well, this one is, because it’s mine. Anyway, us old boys are the ones who recorded all the best music, put a man on the moon, invented the internet… and we also know a thing or two about what makes a great car.

I’ve racked up many a shake-down mile in XJs next to Jag’s head engineer Mike Cross – he’s got a few miles on the clock, too – so when the opportunity arose to run a production version, I couldn’t wait to get to Guy Salmon Jaguar Thames Ditton (0845 481 2055) to pick up my car from dealer principal David Edwards.

I adore the way the Jag looks front- and side-on, although the slightly bulbous rear-end styling is still to grow on me. There’s no doubt about the stunning power and superb refinement of the 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine and six-speed automatic gearbox.

In the interest of good taste, I ignored the more lurid interior options – some of the timber and beige combos look a bit too IKEA for my taste. Instead, I went for black carbonfibre panels and black leather seats trimmed in contrasting white piping, all of which is punctuated by chrome fixtures and fittings to finish off the interior a treat.

The golf clubs fit - XJ ownership is off to a flying start
It would take a week to list every bit of kit in the XJ, but pride of place goes to the standard 1200-watt Bowers and Wilkins stereo. Whether it’s thumping out digital Dizzee Rascal or analogue Dizzy Gillespie, it has the power to flap my trousers and send shivers up my spine in equal measure. The system also contains a digital TV with a trick screen that enables my front-seat passenger to watch their favourite programme while I follow the sat-nav map – on the same screen! It’s the work of the devil, I tell you.

I’m also keen on the heated and cooled massaging front seats and the heated steering wheel, which will come into their own when the crisp mornings bite and those old motorcycling injuries come back to haunt me.

Early signs are good, with the big Jag making light of my 100-mile daily commute, and wafting me to and from airports at all hours of the day and night with ease.

Jaguar XJ 3.0D V6 Portfolio
List price £64,900
Target Price £64,900
Extras Driver Assistance Pack £1800; digital/analogue TV £500; DAB Radio £250
Test fuel economy 39.9mpg
Official fuel economy 40.1mpg
CO2/tax liability 184g/km/28%
Servicing and repairs None

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