Our cars: Infiniti M30d - August

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Infiniti dipstick
Infiniti dipstick
Infiniti M30d GT Premium

Week ending August 26
Mileage 16,537
Driven this week: 257 miles

I'm preparing for another 1000-mile round trip to Scotland and back over the Bank holiday and decided to check the Infiniti’s oil level.

It struck me that I don’t think I've checked the oil since its last service. That's bad practice, I know, but my excuse is that I've relied on the digital oil level monitoring system. Similarly, I haven’t checked the tyre pressures for a while, because of the Infiniti's tyre pressure monitoring system.

These systems aren't designed to replace regular maintenance checks but they can make you lazy. That's my view anyway and I'd like to know what you think.

Oh, and don't you think the Infiniti has a huge dipstick?

Week ending August 19
Mileage 16,280
Driven this week: 200 miles

Much as I like the sumptuous interior that our Infiniti M offers its passengers, there was one thing that I didn’t quite get on with: the seatbelt.

Yes, it fitted me fine and didn’t cut in to my neck, and it wasn’t in an awkward position to get hold of. However, I still can’t understand why any slack that’s left in the belt when you’ve buckled up requires a little motor to reel it back in, when the conventional way is fine.

It’s a touch that says ‘this is a posh, well-equipped car’, but one that I find a bit unnecessary.

Week ending August 12
Mileage 16,080
Driven this week: 220 miles

A few weeks ago Infiniti sent out a press release detailing all the music journalists had left on their test cars' hard disks. You see, every time you load a CD it automatically copies the music over on to the hard disk. The release revealed the questionable music tastes of motoring journalists.

Interestingly, at the same time Ford announced that it was phasing out CD players in its cars. A combination of DAB radio and MP3/iPod integration satisfied the music needs of today's car buyers, said Ford. Whatcar.com conducted our own poll and we too found that more people listened to their MP3 player than CDs in their car.

I tend to agree, too. Copying CDs on to a hard drive is useful on one level, but I find it easier simply to plug in the iPod.

Week ending August 5
Mileage 15,681
Driven this week 836 miles

We're playing car swap-shop at the moment. My Vauxhall Astra estate is currently on holiday at, er, Gatwick airport, so I've been in the Infinit M.

We've clocked up plenty of miles, experiencing everything from traffic-choked London streets and late-night motorway dashes to a car ferry in Devon.

The M didn't feel totally happy on any route: its low-speed ride isn't the smoothest and it's not that soothing over long distances, fidgeting on the motorway. I’m not exactly stick-thin, either, but the super-wide driver's seat didn't provide enough support – it's more suited to someone who's 40 stone.

Still, at least the cracking stereo was some compensation.

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