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Hyundai ix35 1.7 CRDi Premium

Week ending Aug 12
Mileage 15,830
Miles driven this week 1472

For the second week in a row, the ix35 was on holiday; but, while the Halls headed south for their break, I went the opposite way – to Scotland.

In the course of its week away, the Hyundai had to tackle pretty much everything, from long motorway cruises to cross-country sight-seeing trips and plenty of town-driving, as I went in search of Pringle family history in Dundee.

In some ways, the ix35 was perfect for the job – the boot swallowed all of our luggage with ease, the cabin had plenty of storage for odds and ends, and the driving position was easily adjustable for both myself and my girlfriend – but in plenty of other ways, it became all too frustrating.

Like Barnaby and Dave before me, I was annoyed by the overly short first gear, while the noise on the motorway meant the stereo was soon turned up a notch or two, and I didn’t especially enjoy the cross-country drives, due to a combination of the over-light steering and disappointing body control. My girlfriend also found that the wide, steeply angled windscreen pillars severely limited her view out.

Overall, my feelings about the car are as mixed as the weather we enjoyed – and occasionally endured.

Week ending Aug 5
Mileage 14,358
Miles driven this week 498

A family holiday to Camber Sands (two adults, two children) demanded some decent boot capacity and a comfortable ride to help with toodling around the countryside visiting lighthouses, beaches and arcades.

While the ride was pretty smooth and the boot managed the buckets, spades and suntan lotion, the gear stick position was a bit of a pain. The central arm rest was very high and I kept finding myself having to navigate my elbow around it every time I shifted into 2, 4 or 6. I definitely agree with Barnaby too: first gear was basically a momentary delay in acceleration.

The car did make light work of some rather industrial “off road” situations, not least down the sand track that passed for the street we were staying on.

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