Our Cars: Nissan Juke - August

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Nissan Juke display
Nissan Juke display
Nissan Juke 1.5 dCi Acenta (Sport Pack)

Week ending August 26
Mileage 11,600
Mileage this week 480

I’ve found a brilliant safety gizmo in the Juke while playing with the buttons on the centre console.

Stick it in D-Mode, then press setup, and you can pick and choose which settings you can have for the display, such as how it looks and which language you want the menu to be in.

The thing is, you can only fiddle about with the settings when the car’s stationary – the screen goes white once you start moving and you can’t scroll through the menu. That means there’s one less thing to get distracted by while at the wheel.

Week ending August 19
Mileage 11,120
Mileage this week 1120

I borrowed the Juke for a weekend trip to Devon and found it to be surprisingly practical. On a family outing my nieces Anna, 3, and May, 6, had plenty of space in their child seats in the back. I don’t think either of them appreciated the Juke’s bouncy ride over bumpy country roads, although Anna did manage to get a few minute’s sleep.

The Juke also proved up to the job of transporting a particularly large bicycle, without having to remove a wheel. Admittedly, there were no passengers on board, and pushing the front passenger seat forward and removing the boot floor cover helped, but I was impressed nonetheless.

Week ending August 12
Mileage 10,000
Mileage this week 550

Shocking news from the Juke this week – quite literally.

The Juke has been giving me electric shocks when I get out of it and touch the door to close it, and I’m not entirely sure why. It's happened to me a few times now, and some of my passengers have had the same experience. It doesn't matter how long I’m in the car for, either, because it can happen on my long commute or on a short trip to the supermarket.

My short-term resolution is to hop out of the car, then nudge the door shut with a jumper over my hand. If you've had the same problem, let me know.

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