Our cars: Ford Focus 1.0T Ecoboost - August

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Ford Focus 1.0T Ecoboost
Ford Focus 1.0T Ecoboost
Ford Focus 1.0T 125 Ecoboost Zetec 5dr

Week ending August 30
Mileage 1570
Driven this week: 180 miles

Ford Focus review

The Focus coped fine carrying my family over the bank holiday weekend. It was roomy enough and the engine didn't wilt under the strain of carrying the four of us.

The only gripe I have is about the front seats. In sporty Zetec trim, the seats have larger-than-average bolsters on the seat backs and cushions. My wife found the seats particularly uncomfortable.

Granted, the car has only done 1500 miles so there may be a certain degree of stiffness in the seats that will go over time, but in the meantime I'm happy to get back into the CX-5.

By Iain Reid

Week ending August 24
Mileage 1390
Driven this week: 70 miles

You must test drive a Focus with this engine. I can guarantee you will be impressed. Why? It's just like any other Focus.

It handles brilliantly, it's well equipped and it's as practical as any small family car. You just won't realise that there's a tiny 1.0-litre engine under the bonnet, which is the best compliment you can give the car.

It performs well, especially at low speeds, and on my commute along the M3 it didn't feel underpowered.

So impressed have I been with the car, I've booked it for the Bank holiday weekend to see how it copes when fully laden with my family.


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Week ending August 17
Current mileage 1326
Miles driven this week 168

Last week I praised the Focus's 1.0-litre engine for its performance, smoothness and refinement.

This week it's the tale of fuel economy – and the early results aren't good. After four full tanks of petrol and 1300 miles, the Focus is averaging just 38.2mpg, despite the trip computer saying it's the low to mid 40s.

Of course, I don't expect to match the government figure of 56.5mpg, but I would expect more than 40mpg, especially because I've driven the Focus very gently so far. It hasn't been confined to town commuting, either – it's been from Middlesex to Devon and back, so has done a mixture of journeys on all types of road.

Hopefully the economy will improve with more miles. I sincerely hope it does, otherwise one of this engine's big selling points won't ring true.


Week ending August 3
Mileage 962
Driven this week: 450

Hurrah – the Focus's 1.0-litre engine is finally run in, so I can begin to explore the upper half of the rev counter and press the accelerator pedal harder.

The thing is, I haven’t done either yet. It's not that I'm taking mechanical sympathy to new levels – it's just that I haven’t needed to work the engine hard.

Performance is decently strong from below 2000rpm, so you end up treating the engine as you would a diesel; shifting up a gear as soon as possible, safe in the knowledge that it’s gutsy enough to cope with it.

No diesel can match this three-cylinder petrol for smoothness and refinement, though.


Week ending August 3
Mileage 962
Driven this week: 450

The Focus has been on its first long trip – from Middlesex to Devon and back – and it hardly put a foot wrong.

It was decently quiet and comfortable on the Friday evening schlep down the M3 and A303, and was compact enough on the narrow Devon lanes to avoid any sharp intakes of breath when passing other cars.

The engine still isn't run in, so I'm being especially gentle with it and keeping the revs below 2500rpm. Despite this, it had enough power to deal with the steep roads on Dartmoor, although I had to be quick with the gearshifts to stop the revs falling too low.

There was one minor gripe, though. The boot had more than enough space for two people’s weekend luggage, but not when we added the several bags of supplies that my girlfriend's parents packed us off home with. Next time, I'll pack lighter!


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