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Honda CR-V
Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V 2.2 i-DTEC auto EX

Week ending August 30
Mileage 25,232
Driven this week 1332

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The miles are clicking by rather quickly. The CR-V’s service intervals are every 12,500 miles, which means the second service is due – rather too soon for my liking.

At least the dealer I contacted lived up to the usual acclaimed Honda customer service standards. I rang on a Thursday morning asking if I could bring in the car the following day as the mileage had just crept over the 25k mark.

I half expected to hear laughter coming down the phone, especially as I’d asked for a courtesy car. To my amazement I heard ‘yes, of course’.

Honda recently introduced a countrywide fixed-price policy for servicing. Despite this I thought I’d try to better the £285 I’d been quoted, but the two other dealers I rang quote the very same price. Ah well, you can’t blame me for trying.

While it’s in, I’m going to get the dealer to investigate a rattle. The plastic under-body exhaust shield has lost a clip, which means the shield is resonating at low speeds in a higher gear and at motorway speeds. It’s only slight, but needs looking at all the same.

I’ll let you know how the experience goes and whether they can fix the rattle.

By Will Williams

Week ending August 9
Mileage 23,900
Driven this week 800 miles

I got to drive a CR-V with the 1.6-litre diesel in it and I have to say I was impressed. The ride and the steering are much better on the car with the smaller engine - still not perfect, but better - and the improved fuel economy is a real bonus as well.

As there is no automatic gearbox option for the 1.6, I'd still go for the 2.2 but if you can live without that the 1.6 is a great choice.

Will Willams

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