Scrapheap challenge: recycling old cars - What bits can be recycled?

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• What parts can be reused?
• Who pays for recycling?
• Where to take your car
Some parts can be removed, refurbished and then resold, while the rest is shredded, separated and recycled.

Although the majority of recoverable items are metals, it's possible to salvage tyres, windows, dashboards and even batteries.

However, the regulations aren't just aimed at the re-use of a car's parts, they're also designed to make sure that all of its fluids - such as hydraulics, oil and petrol - are disposed of properly, so they don't damage the environment.

The quicker we clamp down on the improper dumping of such fluids the better because, according to, every litre of oil that finds its way into the water system contaminates one million litres of drinking water.

Scrapheap challenge: recycling old cars - Who picks up the tab?


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