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Today's experts
Today's experts
The What Car? Q&A session has now ended. Our next live Q&A session will take place next Tuesday, November 23 from 1-2pm.

About the What Car? live Q&A
Whether you're looking for advice on buying a new or used car, or have some other motoring-related issue that you'd like to try and resolve, our team of experts will be on hand to help out.

What Car? Q&A replay
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The What Car? experts
Today's experts answering your questions were:
Iain Reid: whatcar.com producer
Leo Wilkinson: What Car? deputy road test editor
Euan Doig: What Car? group production editor
Matt Sanger: What Car? used car editor

What Car? Q&A
The whatcar.com Q&A is now in replay mode.
Iain Reid:
whatcar.com producer
Leo Wilkinson:
Deputy road test editor
Euan Doig:
Group production editor
Matt Sanger:
Used car editor

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