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Best buy less than £25,000
BMW 3 Series 316d ES
List price £23,980
Target Price £22,065

At this end of the compact executive spectrum, it’s all about the numbers. That’s why the 316d takes the plaudits – the numbers are small in all the right places, but big enough where it counts.

With 114bhp and 192lb ft of torque, the 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine has enough shove to pull you around with decent urgency. However, the CO2 output of 118g/km means company car drivers pay tax on just 13% of the car’s value, and with the reasonable list price your monthly bills are lower than they would be on any rival.

What’s more, the average fuel economy of 62.8mpg will thrill private buyers and company car drivers alike.

However you come by your 316d, you’ll love driving it. The ride is firm but never uncomfortable, while the handling is superb and the steering is quick and packed with feel.

You’ll enjoy being in the 3 Series, too. The materials are a match for any car’s in the class, the cabin is roomy, and although the boot is a strange shape, it’s a good size. All this and minimal running costs – what’s not to like?

BMW 3 Series

0-62mph 10.9sec Top speed 123mph
Running costs
Economy 62.8mpg CO2 118g/km
Insurance group 21

Best buy £25,000-£30,000
BMW 3 Series 320d ES
List price £25,920
Target Price £23,845

This price point is where the competition really hots up for the 3 Series, because it includes the cream of the Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class ranges. However, the 320d has previously beaten these rivals into a cocked hat, so they weren’t really a threat.

The new Volvo S60 was, however. Sleek looks and a roomy, swanky interior meant things looked good to begin with, but we quickly found that the new Volvo couldn’t match the 3 Series on driver appeal, performance, refinement or cost of ownership.

In fact, the biggest threat to the 320d ES came from within its own ranks, in the form of the 320d Efficient Dynamics. The 161bhp output is combined with fuel economy of 68.9mpg and CO2 emissions of just 109g/km, so it’s even cheaper to run than the 181bhp 320d.

However, we felt the Efficient Dynamics was too hampered by its long gearing, and that the standard 320d is clean and affordable enough for most. What’s more, the punch helps you make the most of that fantastic chassis. For us it’s the 320d ES all the way.

BMW 3 Series

0-62mph 7.5sec Top speed 146mph
Running costs
Economy 60.1mpg CO2 125g/km
Insurance group 29

Best buy more than £30,000
BMW 3 Series 330d SE
List price £31,775
Target Price £29,229

Notice a pattern emerging here? Yep, even when your budget is the size of Bill Gates’ bank balance, the best compact executive to go for is a BMW 3 Series.

The 330d has a six-cylinder, 3.0-litre turbodiesel engine that puts out a whopping 242bhp, plus an even more devastating 384lb ft of torque. That’s enough to hurl you towards the horizon with every prod of the accelerator, and the engine is as smooth as it is powerful.

You could go for an Audi A4 3.0 TDI, which has enough straight-line speed to worry the BMW. UK roads have a tendency to throw a bend or two into the mix, though, and here the Audi doesn’t do as much to put a smile on your face as the BMW.

It’s a similar story with the Mercedes C350 CDI. It isn’t short of pace or refinement, and the ride is superb, but it doesn’t handle or steer as well as the BMW.

While the BMW comprehensively outdrives every single one of its rivals, it does so while emitting less CO2 and using less fuel than any of them, so it’s also cheaper to run. That’s why it’s a winner.

BMW 3 Series

0-62mph 6.1sec Top speed 155mph
Running costs
Economy 49.6mpg CO2 152g/km
Insurance group 35

Tester's view
‘Judging these awards is a painstaking business. We assess every aspect of every car, we crunch every number, and then we argue for hours about which cars should emerge victorious.

‘Things are a little different with the compact executive class. The assessment is still fastidiously thorough and all the sums are still done – but when it comes to decision time, there’s very little argument. Whichever area you consider – space, practicality, quality, safety, value for money – the 3 Series has it absolutely nailed.

‘For me, though, it’s the way the 3 Series makes you feel that really sets it apart. I love the strong engines, precise handling and pin-sharp steering, and especially the way the firm ride gives you a feeling of connection with the road.’
Ivan Aistrop Road tester

What Car? Car of the Year awards 2011 - Compact executive winner


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