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  • Annual satisfaction survey
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Here's how other compact executive cars rated in this year's JD Power Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Survey. You can also take a look at our 'in focus' analysis of this particular sector.

2 Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Satisfaction rating 83.1%
Overall 11th=
Mercedes C-Class review

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class held the second place it took in 2010 after years of steady improvement.

Owners loved the interior quality and rated the exterior design highly, despite a number of paint flaws. Dealers scored well, but the cost of workshop visits was said to be too high.

3 BMW 3 Series
Satisfaction rating 81.9%
Overall 22nd=
BMW 3 Series review

High ratings for running costs and interior quality secured third spot for the 3. Owners loved its dynamics and performance, but wanted more interior space. Dealers were rated as below average, especially when booking cars for servicing.

4 Jaguar X-type
Satisfaction rating 81.5%
Overall 31st
Jaguar X-type used car review

Really friendly dealership staff, who showed great attention to detail – which was just as well because owners reported the most engine and transmission problems of any car in the class. Still, decent scores for interior quality helped.

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In focus
Extra care over the extra mile
What’s so good about Lexus service? We asked Wendy Preston, centre principal at Lexus Guildford. ‘We get the basics right, every time, every day, but also go above and beyond. We try to make customers feel like members of an exclusive club, and we fix small items for free. Something that owners might expect to pay for but which costs us only a few pounds to put right can help us to win a customer for life.

We also have a free Saturday car-wash club where owners can book in for a clean and have a coffee and Danish pastry on us.’

Chris Hunsley, centre principal of Lexus Sheffield, agrees: ‘It’s about communication and making sure customers know what’s happening. They always see the same faces which is good for them because they feel at home.’ Such good work has raised customer retention levels to 70%, but Chris wants to get that figure up to 85%.
5 Mercedes-Benz CLC
Satisfaction rating 81.3%
Overall 32nd=

Apart from some exterior problems, mostly with lights, the CLC had the fewest faults in this class. Owners weren’t happy with performance, and complained more than those in other classes about fuel economy. Dealership service was good, though.

6= Audi A4, RS4, S4, Allroad
Satisfaction rating 81.1%
Overall 36th=
Audi A4 review

A4 owners reported lots of faults and didn’t much rate dealer service. They were able to look beyond such problems, though, and recorded high scores for cabin space and exterior design. Running costs were also thought reasonable.

6= Audi A5, S5
Satisfaction rating 81.1%
Overall 36th=
Audi A5 review

A5 owners weren’t happy with Audi dealer service and the cars suffered lots of faults. Owners were happy with the performance and handling of their cars, though, and really rated the stylish design. Running costs match the A4’s.

Sinner: Saab 9-3
8 Saab 9-3
Satisfaction rating 79.1%
Overall 65th
Saab 9-3 review

The 9-3 scored below-average marks in almost every area. Problems with wipers and washer jets were common, while owners also complained that the heating system was noisy and slow. Floor mats worked loose, and rear space was also criticised. 9-3 drivers liked their cars’ looks and said they were treated well at dealerships, which were clean and tidy. Service and repair costs were felt to be too high, though.

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