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I'm trying to calculate the absolute minimum amount I can buy a new Audi A4 Avant for. I have a lump sum from my company to buy the car, but I can't find the information I require via the usual company car tax calculator.
Mark Hadfield

The cheapest new A4 Avant to buy and own is the 2.0 TDI 120, starting at £23,300.

You can pay a lot less than that, though: the best price we managed to find was £20,594 at internet broker Motorlogix.com – a saving of £2706.

It’s not that nippy, and you might want to spend a bit more on extras like cruise control, but you should get 53 miles to the gallon.

The 1.8 TFSI is only £100 more, much faster and comes with more kit. It drinks a lot more fuel, though, and costs more to tax.

You won't get as much money back when you come to sell, either.

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