Deal of the day: BMW 3 Series

  •  We've found more than £1500 off our favourite BMW 3 Series
  •  Best-handling car in its class and powered by an efficient engine
  •  Low CO2 output and fuel consumption make it a tempting company car

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The car: BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics 4dr
The saving: £1614
The discounted price: £27,161
The broker:

The BMW 3 Series regularly features in the top 10 most popular new cars – and for good reason. It does very little badly. It’s the benchmark in its class for striking the perfect balance between great handling and a comfortable ride.

The detuned 2.0-litre diesel in the 320d Efficient Dynamics is still powerful enough to make decent progress while returning nearly 70mpg on average (officially). A CO2 output of 109g/km also makes the 320d ED tempting to company car buyers.

It might not be the newest cabin on the market, but the 320d’s interior is still a nice place to be. The layout is sensible and most of the switchgear feels suitably upmarket. There’s also plenty of space for four six-footers to sit in comfort, while the 480-litre boot is well sized and shaped.

On the move, the 3 Series strikes a great balance between exciting the driver and relaxing their passengers, thanks to well-suppressed road and suspension noise.

The four-cylinder diesel is noisy at low revs, spoiling the refinement somewhat. At higher revs engine noise becomes boomier and more intrusive. Equally, wind noise isn’t as well contained as in some of its rivals.

It is the best handling car in its class, but only if you specify the optional adaptive suspension. Without it, the 3 Series becomes more wallowy and doesn’t control its body as well.

The manual gearbox feels disconcertingly springy, and reverse gear can be difficult to engage. The optional eight-speed auto is much better suited to the 3 Series.

The 3 Series scored an average result in the JD Power reliability survey and BMW as a brand came below average, meaning it might not be as reliable as its reputation suggests.

Should I add any options?
Specify the adaptive dampers to maximise the car’s handling and refinement potential. Also consider the excellent automatic gearbox.

What next?
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