Deal of the day: Jaguar F-type

  •  Save £6000 on stunning Jaguar roadster
  •  375bhp F-type is rapid and addictive to drive
  •  Optional sports seats are a good addition
Save more than £6000 on our favourite version of the Jaguar F-type
Save more than £6000 on our favourite version of the Jaguar F-type

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The car: Jaguar F-type Roadster 3.0 V6 S
The saving: £6039
The discounted price: £61,496
The broker:

The Jaguar F-type is about as desirable as sports cars come. It’s stunning to look at and seriously rapid to drive. The supercharged 3.0-litre V6 S is our pick of the roadster range, balancing blistering performance of 0-60mph in just 4.8 seconds, with a decent specification at a competitive price.

An addictive exhaust note heightens the driving experience, particularly with the roof down, while the precise steering set-up makes the F-type easy to place on the road. The V6 S model’s standard adaptive suspension mean it remains beautifully controlled over high speed dips and crests.

Although the F-type beats a comparable Porsche 911 on price, the smaller Boxster S is very close in performance terms and is considerably cheaper than the Jaguar.

If you are using the F-type for a weekend away, you’ll need to pack carefully, because the boot is small and awkwardly shaped. If you add the optional spare wheel, it takes a huge chunk out of the already limited luggage space.

The interior is let down in places by details such as the cheap-looking plastic steering column and lightweight gearshift paddles. The clunky touch-screen infotainment feels outdated compared with rivals’ systems, too.

Should I add any options?
The V6 S comes with decent level of standard equipment, including xenon headlights, climate control, Bluetooth, digital radio, sat-nav and part-electric leather seats. Dual-zone climate control is, bizarrely, not standard – but it’s well worth adding.

We would also consider the optional sports seats, which offer a lot more support than the standard items. You can also choose aluminium gearshift paddles, which do away with the aforementioned cheaper alternatives, but they are pricey at £380.

What next?
To take advantage of this deal, head to and select the Jaguar F-type convertible from the drop-down menus.

By John Howell


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