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A spaniel
A spaniel
Peugeot 508 SW 2.2 HDi 204 GT

Week ending December 23

Mileage: 13,164
Driven this week: 462 miles

Last weekend we took a 300-mile round trip to Worcestershire and back to visit relatives for a pre-Christmas get-together. The 508 is a great car for families on a mad dash.

Our two boys (aged 6 and 10) were comfortable in the back and get a brilliant view through the glass roof. Up front, my wife and I enjoy comfortable seats and a decent high-speed ride with plenty of refinement on motorways.

It was only at the end of the return journey that I was reminded how uncompromising the low-speed ride can be. When you’re tired – as I was by then – things like that seem to matter even more.

Week ending December 16

Mileage: 12,702
Driven this week: 323 miles

I need to refill the 508’s washer fluid for the first time and the car really wants me to know about it. Whenever I squirt the windscreen I get an audible alarm , a visible message and a ‘service’ light in the middle of the dash. If I run out there will be no excuse.

It’s a detail, but the 508’s washer jets do a great job of spraying the whole windscreen rather than directing the water at one spot. My guess is that less water is needed to clean the screen this way. In any event, I’m off to get some more…

Week ending December 9

Mileage: 12,379
Driven this week: 438 miles

Our 508 has passed the annual test that all estates face: will the Christmas tree fit? My six-foot Norwegian Spruce slid in with ease. I flipped one side of the rear seats down, which left plenty of space for other assorted festive items.

Boot space in the 508 is plentiful and flexible. With a cargo net, removable dog guard and parcel shelf, anchor points and power, there is nothing left to chance. It even has a ski hatch, which our cocker spaniel is a particular fan of.


Week ending December 2

Mileage: 11,941
Driven this week: 387 miles

Do you ever have used vs new debates with yourself? Well try this one, as good as the 508 is, I have recently worked out that for the same money, you could be in a well-specced BMW 520d with fewer than 10,000 miles.

Alternatively, you could save £7,000 on our Peugeot’s £30k list price by heading for a top-spec Skoda Superb estate with delivery mileage. The 508 finds itself competing in a very tough spot, battling both premium and value brands.

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