Our cars: Mini Coupe - December

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Mini Coupe John Cooper Works

Week ending December 23
Mileage 6400
Driven this week: 400 miles

What a difference a stripe makes. Here’s our Mini Coupe JCW alongside another, belonging to our sister magazine, Autocar.

Both cars have exactly the same metallic paint finish (White Silver, if you’re interested), and in all coupes, a contrasting stripe and roof panel are included in the standard equipment.

However, Autocar went for a black stripe, I think looks a little drab. To my eye, our car’s red detailing brings out the Coupe’s sleek lines much more effectively, and as a result, I think our car looks a lot funkier. Am I biased? Probably. Am I happy? You bet.


Week ending December 16
Current mileage 6000
Miles driven this week 540

The Mini’s all-singing (and not to mention, expensive) infotainment system let me down this week, by getting me well and truly stuck in traffic.

My normal motorway route to the office was closed due to a nasty accident and, had I known, I’d have used the alternative route I have in reserve for just this sort of emergency.

However, I never got told, despite my car having a double whammy of functions designed to keep me informed. The radio has a Traffic Programme that automatically retunes the radio to pick up the latest local traffic bulletins, while the sat-nav system has a facility that sends you text-based warnings of impending jams in the area.

Sadly, neither function gave me any hint of what lay ahead. I spent the next two hours going nowhere, thinking how useful these systems would be if they actually worked.


Week ending December 2
Current mileage 5100
Miles driven this week 735

It may not be the most obvious of the Mini’s many neat styling touches, but I’ve never seen a car with a sportier-looking parcel shelf.

There’s nothing unusual about the way the shelf works, but there are two curved plastic ridges on top of it that sit just behind the headrests. These ridges have a hint of the old-school roadster about them, which you’re treated to every time you lift the tailgate. It’s only a simple touch, and it can’t have cost that much to produce, but it’s very effective.


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