Our cars: Suzuki Swift Sport - December

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Suzuki Swift
Suzuki Swift
Suzuki Swift 1.6 Sport

Week ending December 14
Mileage 6744
Driven this week 600 miles

Our Swift Sport is now fully decked out for winter with four brand new cold-weather tyres to keep it on the straight and narrow. To take the tyres, the Sport had to lose its alloys but I reckon the black steel wheels and no hubcaps look works rather well. The Sport looks cool, and it's ready for everything winter can chuck at it.

I was in two minds about whether getting the new wheels was worth it, so as I drove away from SMC Suzuki Hillingdon near Heathrow (very friendly service, incidentally) and the first snow of the year started to fall, I was glad I'd made the right call.

Week ending December 7
Mileage 6106
Driven this week: 219 miles

Suzuki Swift

The Swift Sport’s generous standard kit continues to be a source of delight. This week, as the Sport enters its first winter and early morning frosts become the norm, I’ve been making use of the heated wing mirrors.

The best thing about them is that you don’t even need to remember to switch them on – they’re linked to the rear window heating system, so one button does the lot.

Even better, they power fold, too, which given the busy road I park up on every night, has almost certainly prevented them being knocked off by careless passing traffic.


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