JD Power Survey 2011 - Other executive cars

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  • Annual satisfaction survey
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Here's how other executive cars rated in this year's JD Power Vehicle Ownership Satisfaction Survey. You can also take a look at our 'in focus' analysis of this particular sector.

3 Jaguar XF
Satisfaction rating 82.3%
Overall 17th
Jaguar XF
Jaguar XF review

The Jaguar XF made a stunning debut in last year's satisfaction survey, topping the class and coming second overall. This year mechanical faults, problems outside the cabin and high running costs dragged down the XF a little.

Owners still loved the looks and performance, though.

4 Audi A6, RS6, S6, Allroad
Satisfaction rating 81.7%
Overall 26th=
Audi A6 review

The solid quality of the A6’s exterior has really helped it retain a good score in this year’s survey, although some owners have fallen out of love with their cars a little and don’t like the way it rides over bumpy surfaces.

Sinner: Volvo V70
5 Volvo V70
Satisfaction rating 79.8%
Overall 55th=
Volvo V70 review

First, the good news. The V70’s overall score is above the industry average (just) and it gets a five-star rating for a well-built interior that’s mainly free of faults. It also gets the thumbs up for suffering few exterior problems. In every other measure the car is two-star, though.

Owners reported that the car suffered quite a high number of mechanical problems, with steering issues and uneven tyre wear generating most complaints. Owners loved the amount of space, but they marked the V70 down for running costs and what they considered to be poor service from dealerships.
In focus
Why pampering is key
We’ve already found out why city cars owner are the least satisfied, so now it’s time to find out why executive car drivers are the most satisfied.

A leather-lined interior certainly helps to lift the spirits, but it seems that helpful lighting made the biggest difference in the cabin. Quiet heating and air-conditioning also proved critical to satisfaction.
Buyers of executive cars also liked their vehicles’ performance – particularly the ease with which they were able to overtake slower traffic on country roads.

Also important were the quality of materials covering the seats and a good amount of storage space – execs like to take their golf clubs everywhere they go.

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