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Executive cars winner
1 Jaguar XF

1 Jaguar XF
XF owners said they didn’t regret spending a single penny on their car, rating it excellent across all categories. They loved the XF’s sleek, sporty styling, particularly in profile, and felt the comfortable and sublimely luxurious interior, combined with slick, intuitive controls, befitting of the brand.

The XF also scored well for reliability. The engine was particularly well behaved, although battery failure was a common concern, and owners also felt tyres didn’t last as long as they should. They were also a little disappointed with the amount of space on offer for rear passengers.

Jaguar dealers were reported to be as slick as the cars, with helpful staff taking the time to explain things, and going out of their way to accommodate owners’ schedules. Servicing and repair work was completed on time and at reasonable cost, too.

2 Mercedes-Benz E-Class
Owners rated the E-Class above average in most areas, and were impressed with dealer service and the choice of paint colours. They were less happy with workshop bills, but appreciated a job well done. Some reported auto ’box problems, but most gripes were limited to floor mats.

3= BMW 5 Series
The car wasn’t as sexy as rivals, said owners, but good forward visibility, responsive brakes and enough power in reserve for decisive overtaking took the stress out of long-distance hauls. Tyres wore quickly, and there were reports of boot lid and door panel problems, but major mechanical issues were rare.

3= Volvo V70/XC70
High running costs dented owners’ opinions of their Volvos, while they also reported engine warning lights and battery failures. They did appreciate their cars’ spaciousness, though, and particularly the practical boot, while drivers found it easy to get a comfortable seating position.

5 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe
Mechanically, the E-Class put in a sterling performance, owners reporting the lowest number of engine and transmission problems in class. Less satisfying was the swoopy styling’s impact on rear headroom, while getting in and out also felt a bit undignified. However, the Coupe was rated best in class for its seductive styling.

6 Audi A6/A6 Allroad/RS6/S6
Overall ranking 68th
A good amount of standard equipment couldn’t stop the Audi plummeting 39 places overall, after owners rated it worst against rivals in 80% of categories.

Disconcerting seat rattles were not what owners expected from the prestige brand. Problems with the instrument panel, CD player, radio and hands-free system didn’t help, either.

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JD Power 2013
Name Gary Chippendale
Age 52
Lives Surrey
Job Accountant
Model 2.2D 163 SE Business
Miles driven 27,000
‘The styling’s really special, and it stands out from the other company cars; friends always comment on it. The smooth ride, fuel economy and parking camera are great, but the sat-nav doesn’t register my road.’
JD Power 2013

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