JD Power Owner Satisfaction 2009 - Executive/Luxury

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For classy comfort that's also reliable, head for a German manufacturer's showroom.

1: Audi A6

Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 82.1%
Overall ranking: 6th
Over the past few years, the A6 has steadily climbed the JD Power results table to become the new benchmark for the class. With a five-star rating for overall satisfaction, owners singled out the car's performance and interior as its most attractive facets.

However, mechanical gremlins and interior issues stopped the Audi gaining a better percentage score, with three-star ratings for both. Many owners complained about the sat-nav/stereo system, and servicing and repair bills also came in for criticism. Despite this, owners thought running costs were low enough to earn four stars out of five.

2: Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 81%
Overall ranking: 8th
The E-Class finished second in class last year, too, but this year its grip on the silver-medal spot is a little less firm – it's down 2.4% on last year's survey.

Vehicle performance was most appealing for owners, warranting full marks, with the quality of the engine and transmission also being praised highly. Running costs were awarded only three stars, but owners were impressed with the E-Class's fuel economy.

3: BMW 5 Series

Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 80.7%
Overall ranking: 17th
Hot on the heels of the E-Class comes the 5 Series. Ownership costs were the biggest bugbear, scoring only three out of five – the high expense of servicing and repairs was a key factor.

The car's performance was appealing to owners, along with the design of the interior. However, despite this endorsement, they gave an average rating of just three stars for the quality and reliability of the interior trim and instruments. The heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems came in for the heaviest criticism.

4: Jaguar S-Type

Vehicle owner satisfaction score: 79.8%
Overall ranking: 32nd
Last year's class winner has lost ground to rivals, with the S-type sliding to last place.

Reliability was average at best, with it scoring three out of five for mechanical dependability, as well as interior and exterior quality – the heating and ventilation system was singled out as a major concern.

Like other executive models, vehicle performance was the car's most appealing trait, with full marks for the strong engines and gearboxes. However, the car's interior didn't fare as well, gaining only three stars, with shortage of space a major issue.

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Name: Brian Thompson Job: Software engineer Model: 3.0 TDI V6 Mileage: 80,000
'My A6 copes perfectly with the bulky equipment my daughter needs for her band, and it's incredibly comfortable for long journeys. Fuel economy is also good – on one cruise, the A6 did 49mpg. It's been pretty reliable overall, with only a few issues. Once, after heavy rain, I found the driver's footwell full of water, due to a blocked drain plug under the bonnet, and the MMI system crashes every now and then. The car feels solid, and has proved durable. Dealer service has been a bit hit and miss, and expensive: one garage charges £16 for a litre of oil.'

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