JD Power Survey 2011 - Family car winner

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1 Honda Accord
Satisfaction rating: 85.2%
Overall: 2nd
Honda Accord review

Honda’s family car has proved to be the buyer’s favourite for the second year running. Out of the 25 sections from which a car is judged, the Accord scored full marks in an incredible 17.

Buyers seemed to love everything about the Accord: its on-road refinement, the way it brakes, how it soaks up the bumps and its performance on twisty roads.

The servicing deserves special praise – owners reported impeccable treatment from Honda staff, from the moment they were notified it was time for a service to the minute they picked up their car and paid the ‘fair’ bill.

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Case study
Name: Ron Mobbs
Age: 65
Lives: Barnet, London
Job: Managing consultant
Model: 2.0i-VTEC ES GT
Mileage with car: 28,000

‘I take my family to our house in Spain a couple of times a year so I need a car that’s reliable, comfortable and that has moderate-to-low running costs. I did lots of research before I bought, and I reckoned the Accord would tick all these boxes. It has delivered fantastically in every category. We get on the Eurostar at 6am and arrive at the Spanish house at 7pm, stopping only once to refuel. It’s comfortable, quiet and we never arrive at my destination feeling like we’ve been put through the ringer.’
It seems Honda’s engines are made of the sternest stuff, with owners reporting a near-faultless performance (only a few complaints were registered about oil consumption).

The Accord’s reliability record isn’t completely problem-free. Some owners marked it down on steering, detecting that the car tended to pull to the left or right on the move. Honda also needs to pay attention to the audio and communications system if it wants to maintain its position at the top of this class next year. Fuel consumption was also a source of complaint, but even here the Accord fared better than the class average.

Family car league table
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