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Opting for something larger doesn’t have to mean crippling bills.

Ford Mondeo 1.6 TDCi 115 Eco Zetec S/S

If you need a great green family car, you’d be daft to ignore the Ford Mondeo. It’s both a brilliant all-rounder and remarkably eco-friendly, which makes it the winner by a mile.

The Mondeo pumps out less than 115g/km of CO2, so it’s one of only five family cars that’ll be eligible for the low 17% band of company car tax for diesel cars when the Government shakes up the system next April. You’ll also pay just £30 a year in road tax if you’re one of the few people who buys a Mondeo privately.

Of course, being eco-friendly is about more than just low CO2 emissions, and the good news is that this version of Ford’s family car is also kind to the environment in other respects. A special filter sifts out the bulk of particulate matter from the exhaust, and NOx emissions are also lower than those of many rivals.

Impressive stuff, but you might be wondering if a 1.6-litre diesel engine is up to the job of hauling around such a big car. Well, it is. This new entry-level diesel version has just 114bhp, but the engine is flexible, with a strong surge of power above 1750rpm.

It’s quiet and smooth, too.Ford knows how to strike great balance between fun and comfort, and the Mondeo is a perfect showcase of this ability. It blends the most supple and controlled ride in its class with a lively chassis and perfectly weighted steering that’s packed with feel.

Stick with Zetec trim and the Mondeo is also a good deal cheaper than the equivalent Volkswagen Passat, but it’s still well equipped, with climate and cruise controls.

Skoda Superb
1.6 TDI CR 105 S Greenline II
Price £18,905
Target Price £17,558
CO2 114g/km NOx 0.116g/km
Particulate emissions 0.52mg/km
Average economy 64.2mpg
Volkswagen Passat
2.0 TDI 140 Bluemotion Tech SE
Price £22,245
Target Price £20,601
CO2 119g/km NOx 0.094g/km
Particulate emissions 0.32mg/km
Average economy 61.4mpg

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