Our cars: Mercedes CLS - February 2012

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Mercedes-Benz CLS 250 CDI Sport

Week ending February 24
Mileage 9072
Driven this week 81 miles

Mercedes-Benz CLS review

The Mercedes CLS is back from the repairers after my little parking indiscretion two weeks ago.

To recap, I reversed another car into the front of the CLS. The Merc’s bumper needed a respray, at a cost of £350. That wasn’t cheap, but wasn’t as expensive as it could have been.

The repair is faultless, so the CLS is back to its striking-looking best. Safe to say, I’ll be parking extra carefully from now on.


Week ending February 10
Mileage 8910
Driven this week: 910 miles

Crunch! Oh no. Oh no! Not the boss’s car!

That’s right, I’ve clouted the editor-in-chief’s Mercedes.

With my brain in neutral, the car I was driving in reverse, and my eyes not on the passenger-side door mirror, I backed into the front corner of the CLS.

The damage won’t polish out, so the car is currently with Mercedes while they investigate and decide where the repair will be done.

Safe to say, I’ll be steering clear of the CLS when it comes back – in every way.


Week ending February 3
Mileage 8000
Driven this week 400 miles

Sorry but this is yet another weekly update on the Merc's fuel consumption.

Yes I am a bit obsessed with it. But I'm still being impressed by the fact that I can go 600 miles between fill ups and it's still averaging over 45mpg, and that's with it spending plenty of time crawling through London too.

Now that the temperatures are sub-zero the investment we made in winter tyres is starting to make sense as well. They weren't offering great traction in the warm weeks around Christmas but now they are coming into their own. The forecast snow this weekend should make for an interesting experiment too.


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