Our cars: Hyundai i40 Tourer - February 2012

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Hyundai i40 Tourer 1.7 CRDi Blue Drive Style

Week ending February 24
Mileage 7300
Driven this week 350 miles

Hyundai i40 Tourer review

There are many things I like about my Hyundai, and the best news of all is that they’re standard with every i40 in our mid-spec Style trim.

The reversing camera is one item that I now consider essential. The i40 is pretty long, and its sleek lines mean that judging where the rear of the car is could be easier – but the presence of the camera has saved many a bumper scrape, I reckon. It also means I can judge how much gap to leave behind the car if I have to get something out of the boot. Frankly, the camera just makes parking easier – and it isn’t even getting particularly dirty on our salt- and slime-covered roads.

The engine has started to loosen up now we’re 7300 miles down the road, and it’s getting noticeably quieter, especially at idle. Fuel consumption has remained consistent at between 46.9 and 47.8mpg.

The ever-rising cost of diesel is the only frustration, because it now costs me near to £100 to fill the i40 Tourer. That’s partly because it has a 70-litre tank. Still, at least that means fuel stops are fairly far apart.


Week ending February 17
Mileage 6910
Driven this week 100 miles

Hyundai i40 Tourer review

Intruding wheel arches make the Hyundai i40 Tourer’s boot more curvy than that of the Passat Estate. So even though it’s big (1719-litres with the rear seats folded), I was slightly nervous that it would struggle to accommodate all my furniture when I moved this weekend. I needn’t have worried, it swallowed everything – even an unwieldy bed stead – in four easy loads without compromising the rear view.

My cat was also grateful for the Tourer’s serenely smooth ride; to say he’s a bad traveller is something of an understatement. However, his cat box fitted snugly in the passenger seat and, although true to form he protested loudly for 60 long miles round the M25, his growls had melted into purrs by the time we’d reached the other end.


Week ending February 10
Mileage 6803
Driven this week: 503 miles

I borrowed the i40 Tourer last weekend to help with my house move – it was spot-on for the job.

For such a big car, it’s incredibly easy to manoeuvre; in fact, the light steering made it feel like I was driving a much smaller car.

It’s looks really sleek for an estate, too, and the blue cabin lighting is a nice touch. All the controls are also simple to use and within easy reach.

Most importantly, the loadspace was just what I needed. It was easy to slide things in and out of the boot and, although the rear seats didn’t drop completely flat, there was enough space for all my boxes.

I’ll be testing the i40 Tourer again with a few bigger and more oddly shaped bits of furniture this weekend, so it’ll be interesting to see how it copes then.


Full What Car? Hyundai i40 review

Week ending February 3
Mileage 6300
Driven this week 425 miles

At the weekend had a lot of people come up to me at a local village event asking what car it was. It seems to attract quite a lot of attention… people are attracted to its swoopy styling and when the curvy LED lights are on it certainly stands out from the crowd.

Also I have noticed the car looks better on its normal tyres. The winter ones fitted at the moment are quite skinny and don’t fill the wheel arches as well.

My favourite view is dead front on. It makes you relise how low the i40 sits down on its wheels and how deeply the raked screen goes back which creates the impression of a low coupe rather than an estate.

I love the white pain job but it does have a downside - I seem to be cleaning it constantly, but having a teenage son does help.

The temperature has dropped this week and I have noticed it does take a while for the air-con to generate heat in the cabin. But that’s my only gripe so far.

The car has performed well with good fuel economy and it’s a pleasure to drive. Comfort is key for me and it’s certainly deliver’s on that front. I just wished I had speced heated seats.

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