Our cars: Range Rover Evoque - February

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Range Rover Evoque
Range Rover Evoque
Range Rover Evoque 2.2 SD4 Prestige 4WD

Week ending February 22
Total mileage 19,200
Mileage this week 350

Range Rover Evoque review

I’ve been driving the Evoque because a colleague has borrowed my Honda CR-V to head to the French Alps. I think he’s probably appreciating the practical, family-friendly cabin and acres of passenger and boot space in the Honda, which are all things I've been missing in the Evoque.

In fact, it's quite the opposite – I haven’t worked out why something that feels so large and unwieldy to place on narrow roads has so little space inside.

I’m enjoying the feeling of calm you get when cruising at higher speeds, though.

Sadly, the touch-screen that controls most things such as the sat-nav, phone and stereo, has been equally as relaxed and refused to do anything other than freeze on a radio preset screen for 30 minutes the other morning. The screen then flashed back into life as if nothing had happened.

Hopefully it’s just a glitch. Let me know if you’ve suffered similar issues.


Week ending: Feb 15
Total mileage: 18,850
Mileage this week: 820

The Range Rover Evoque is one of the best feelgood cars out there.

Image is a very subjective thing, but the baby Range Rover made an otherwise miserable, rainy 5am drive to Heathrow on Monday morning much more bearable.

It's not the supreme dynamic experience it should be, particularly with the dim-witted auto 'box, but it's still a pleasure to drive, and a stunning thing to sit in and look at. For me, the Evoque has way more 'want-one' appeal than virtually anything else in its price area.


Week ending February 8
Total mileage 18,030
Mileage this week 950

Faced with a long drive from London to Welshpool to ride in the new Jaguar F-type, the Evoque seemed like an ideal car to take.

However, I was actually disappointed with it on the motorway; the high-speed ride was a bit knobbly, while the quick, light steering made it feel nervous when the wind picked up.

Instead, it was on the final twisty stretch of road into Welshpool that the Evoque was most impressive. Here its taut body control combined with that quick steering to make it surprisingly agile and entertaining for a tall SUV.

By Steve Huntingford

Week ending February 1
Mileage 17,080
Driven this week: 100 miles

A week of modest suburban pottering in the Range Rover Evoque has given me a chance to sample the same driving experience enjoyed by the increasing numbers of owners I see around town (particularly near What Car?'s Teddington HQ, in fact).

Fact is, the Evoque's short overhangs and elevated driving position make it a pretty decent tool in built-up areas. Light but accurate steering helps too. The reversing camera is a godsend, though, because rear visibility is pretty poor through the (extra-slim) hatchback glass.

Incidentally. the report from the car's recent service indicated that the transmission software was bang up to date, but I could swear that ever since the maintenance, it's felt a little crisper and, well, smarter. Perhaps it's just down to a complete fluids change; I'm not about to complain.

By John McIlroy

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