Our cars: Ssangyong Korando - February

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Ssangyong Korando
Ssangyong Korando
Ssangyong Korando 2.0D 4WD SX

Week ending February 22
Mileage 11976
Driven this week 392

Ssangyong Korando review

I have recently switched to an iPhone 5, which seems to have improved some of the connectivity issues previously reported on. So far it has not 'dropped' the phone once and picks it up each time I return to the car.

I can only assume that Apple has improved its operating system, because my old iPhone 3GS and a Samsung Galaxy S2 both had lots of problems pairing with the Korando's Kenwood infotainment/Bluetooth system.


Week ending February 15
Mileage: 11584
Driven this week: 374

On the odd occasion when you want to get somewhere a bit faster, you get a reminder of the Ssangyong’s limited dynamic repertoire. Budget four-wheel drive SUVs are not meant to be ‘drivers’ cars’ as such, but the Korando is not at all impressive at higher speeds.

For most owners this will never be an issue, but it is worth noting that anything more than a little brisk is unrewarding for the driver, and probably uncomfortable for the Korando’s passengers. Note to self: don’t leave it too late to get to important things on time.


Week ending February 8
Mileage: 10836
Driven this week: 423

Unused cubby-holes corner: perhaps it is just my own preference to avoid having all sorts of stuff floating around my car, but I have at least two unused areas in the Ssangyong, three if you include the overhead sunglasses holder.

The dash mounted storage bin never gets a look-in, and neither does the one underneath the heating controls. Even so though, I’m glad they are there. Someday I am sure I will find a use for at least one of them.


Week ending February 1
Mileage: 10,413
Driven this week: 351

What’s that? A common question asked by those who first set eyes on the Korando. Even when I explain, many of my friends and family do not recognise the Ssangyong name. It’s not surprising, as there are fewer than 1,000 Korandos on the road in the UK.

In six months I have seen one other on the road. It was in black and looked pretty good actually. It is not a bad looking thing, and I don’t think the ‘Vitamin Red’ colour of our example is the most complimentary.


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