Our cars: Kia Ceed - February

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Kia Ceed
Kia Ceed
Kia Ceed 1.6 CRDi 2 ISG

Week ending February 22
Mileage 9335
Driven this week 135 miles

Kia Ceed

The fact that nearly everyone who drives the Kia Ceed likes it, and nearly everyone who gets into it as a passenger comments favourably on it, speaks volumes for our Kia.

The real reason for its success is that it never offends, in the way that some of its major rivals do. It’s a very easy car to drive, and very easy to drive well, with well-weighted controls, a good driving position and excellent forward visibility. It’s spacious and comfortable for passengers in the front or the back. The interior is classy and well equipped, leaving many people surprised at the high quality of the fittings.

It’s also extremely versatile. In its time with me it’s endured, without complaint, temperatures ranging from –2 C to 40 C. It’s been driven up mountains and down valleys, thumped along motorways and autoroutes, pottered along B-roads, and crawled through London traffic, all without putting a foot wrong or causing alarm.

Its time with us is drawing to an end, and I’m beginning to suspect I shall miss this competent and extremely likeable car. It might not have the all-round competence of a Golf, or the driver appeal of a Focus, but it also doesn’t irritate in the way those cars can. It’s an excellent all-rounder, with a character of its own. No wonder everyone likes it.


Week ending February 15th
Mileage 9200
Driven this week 150 miles

I borrowed Mark's Kia Cee'd last weekend and it was more comfortable and roomier than I imagined it would be.

I woke on Monday morning to discover a layer of snow had settled on the car. Dreading the thought of having to leave it running for ages to warm up while I scraped the windows and my toddler whinged in the back, I was pleasantly surprised at the speed with which it defrosted. Even with thick gloves on the heating controls were also very simple to use, unlike many cars I have been in recently, and that's a real bonus in the cold weather.


Week ending February 8
Mileage: 9050
Driven this week: 175 miles

Sadly I’ve had to conclude that a recent increase in our Ceed’s fuel consumption can only be put down to one thing: not having me at the wheel.

I’ve seldom seen better than 45mpg on the dash readout, and only once refuelled to find 47mpg – and even that, my best, was achieved on a hold-up free French autoroute. Contrast this with our True MPG figure of 55.4mpg, and you begin to see why I’m disappointed.

Recently though, I refuelled and found a figure of 48mpg. I was so happy with this I wrote about it in my update for the March issue of the magazine. Only afterwards did I realise that this figure had been achieved while other members of the What Car? team were driving the car.

A quick flick through our fuel log for this car reveals the same results all the way through: mediocre for me, improved when someone else has a go. Odd, as I am one of the senior members of our team, with a considerate and grown-up driving style. The rest of the team are, shall we say, less senior and perhaps more enthusiastic behind the wheel.

No, the real reason for my poor figures must be my short commute, whereas the others tend to use the car on longer journeys. Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself.


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