Ford Evos concept unveiled

  • Concept car for Frankfurt show
  • Shows Ford’s new design direction
  • Four gullwing doors
Ford Evos concept
Ford Evos concept
This is the Ford Evos concept car, which will make its public debut at the Frankfurt motor show. The four-door, four-seat ‘fastback’ showcases Ford’s new design direction and technology that could filter down to its production cars.

Many of the Evos’s styling themes will inform Ford’s next generation of models. The front, in particular, shows the new ‘face of Ford.’ The two most distinctive elements of this are the slim ‘laser-cut’ headlights and high ‘trapezoidal’ grille.

Martin Smith, Ford's executive design director for Europe and Asia Pacific, says that developments in lighting technology have made it possible to reduce the size of both the front and rear lights, giving a neater look. As well as being more aerodynamically efficient, the higher-set front grille creates a more confident, ‘premium’ appearance, he says.

The Evos also displays what Ford calls a ‘refined surface language’. Compared with Ford’s current ‘Kinetic’ design theme, it’s a simpler approach that ‘emphasises refinement, without losing character'.

Although it looks like a three-door coupe, the Evos has four gullwing doors, which open upwards to reveal a futuristic four-seat interior. The dashboard has a minimalist look, while the driver’s seat is in a contrasting red colour to emphasise the car’s fun-to-drive character.

Although it’s a similar length to a Focus, the Evos is as wide as a Mondeo and lower than both, creating a low-slung, sporty look. Underneath, it has the same plug-in hybrid powertrain as the C-Max Energi, which will be launched in the UK in 2013.

Ford says that the Evos’s ‘cloud connectivity’ features aren’t fantasy; they could be available in production cars over the next few years. Using a combination of stored driver information and the latest weather, traffic and location data, the car adjusts the way the powertrain and chassis react. It can also automatically stream appropriate music, pre-heat or cool the car and wirelessly communicate with devices in the home, Ford says.

Ford has no plans for a production version of the Evos. A coupe model isn’t due in the foreseeable future, but Ford sources told us that the next evidence of its new design direction will be seen at the Detroit motor show in January 2012. That is expected to be another concept car, which will strongly influence the design of the next Mondeo, due around 12 months later.

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