Fraud to blame for costly insurance

  • Staged accidents inflate insurance costs
  • One in 20 young drivers has staged crashes
  • 1.7 million would consider fraud
Faked crashes are pushing up insurance premiums
Faked crashes are pushing up insurance premiums
Younger drivers have themselves to blame for high insurance costs, because one in 20 motorists under 35 has faked an accident to make a fraudulent claim, according to a survey by

The survey of 2023 drivers also exposed that 5% of younger drivers would also consider a fraudulent claim which, with nearly 36 million licence holders in the UK, adds up to 1.7 million motorists.

The Association of British Insurers says 2000 fraudulent claims worth £16 million are detected each week.

Cut the cost of car insurance
The cost of car insurance for young drivers has rocketed, but staging or inventing an accident to get cash fraudulently will have a massive impact on the driver's premiums if discovered.

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