French flair for Aston Cygnet

  • Tie up with French store Colette
  • Special livery and quilted leather interior
  • Just 14 cars, at €48,995 (£43,705) each
The Aston Martin Cygnet & Colette special edition
The Aston Martin Cygnet & Colette special edition
Aston Martin has teamed up with French fashion store Colette to produce a special-edition version of its Cygnet city car.

The Cygnet & Colette special edition has silver paintwork, with blue detailing on the front bumper and bonnet, and blue highlights on the alloy wheels.

Inside, there’s a chocolate-brown leather interior, quilted Alcantara sun visors and Colette-blue 'occasional cushions' for the rear seats. You get a few treats, too, such as sweets, a guide to Paris, a custom Sigg bottle and four Colette compilation CDs.

However, if you want one of the cars, you’ll have to head across the Channel because the Cygnet and Colette model is available to order only from Colette’s Paris store.

You'll need to be quick, too, because just 14 of the €48,995 (£43,705) cars will be built.

The Cygnet & Colette is the first of a number of special-edition Cygnet models. Aston Martin says that more will follow, to appeal to buyers in different cities.

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